Kyle Finch Of The Ridgewood Police Department. Berninger Received Several Cuts And Abrasions Resulting From The Incident And Was Treated At The Scene For The Minor Injuries.

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While the patrolmen detained two suspects, a third person fled on foot. The two men taken into custody possessed a rubber mask, gloves, knife and mace. Officers also located a full-face mask and gloves in the bushes where the male was initially hiding. Chief of Police Michael Powderley said a perimeter was secured with the help of surrounding municipalities. "Officer Berninger located the third suspect hiding in a bush in the area," said Powderley. "The suspect resisted arrest and was taken into custody with the assistance of Sgt. Kyle Finch of the Ridgewood Police Department." Berninger received several cuts and abrasions resulting from the incident and was treated at the scene for the minor injuries. Powderley said the investigation revealed that the suspects were Calvin Esquilin, 40; Malachi Houston, 19, and Nasir Whitt, 20, all of Brooklyn, N.Y. They were allegedly targeting a person known to one of them.

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